Fun-employment, Take 1

After the election, I felt numb. I felt like everything I believed in, and everything that our country had been working towards, was smashed into a million pieces. I felt despondent until I remembered, “Wait, I’m an attorney. I can actually DO something about this.” And yet, I did not nothing for months.

Flash forward to the end of January. With the support of my husband and friends, I quit my job to pursue (cough, find) a public interest job that I am passionate about. Today, my wonderful career coach warned me that it could take a VERY long time until I have the public interest job of my dreams. In other words, buckle up cause this ain’t gonna be easy. So here I am – funemployed, and blogging about the things that matter to me.

Some of my blog posts will be legal (because that’s what I know), and some will be about fitness (because that’s what I love).  I hope that you find it entertaining and not too self-indulgent.

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