Eating Your Water by Drinking a Shake


My husband has referred to me as a “camel” because I can ski all day and not crave water. No, I don’t have superhuman abilities. The reason I can last a long time without drinking a gallon of water is because I follow Dr. Murad’s “Water Secret.”

The Water Secret[1] is a book explaining that the key to good health is the ability of each cell membrane to hold water, which Dr. Murad refers to as hydration. No matter how much water you drink, it won’t be enough to keep you hydrated and feeling good unless the water can reside inside your cells. If your cells aren’t strong enough to retain the water, the water will escape, become waste, and float between the cells, causing puffy eyes, swollen ankles, and a bloated stomach. (We all know what these symptoms feel like.)

Healthy cells help you lose water weight. You will weigh more if the water is in the wrong place. Healthy and hydrated cells also function optimally and utilize more energy, allowing you to function at a higher level and raising your basal metabolic rate.

But you need more than water to hydrate your cells; you also need nutrients. If you drink eight glasses of water but don’t have strong cell membranes, the water will pass right through you and you will be visiting the restroom more often than you would like.

It is easy to ingest a ton of water without drinking a ton of water. The Water Secret, therefore, promotes “eating your water” instead of drinking the standard “eight glasses” a day.[2] Food contains more water than you may think. Did you know that most prevalent ingredient in fruits and vegetables is water? Watermelon and cucumbers, for instance, are 97 percent water, and carrots are 88 percent water. Others foods are high in water as well – a roasted chicken breast is 65 percent water, and cooked beans are 77 percent water.

Our bodies need both macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) to support healthy cells. The Water Secret focuses on micronutrients and suggests a diet rich in plants (fruits and vegetables) because plants contain phytochemicals, which fight both nutritional deficiency-linked diseases like anemia and age-related diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and stroke.

One family of phytochemicals are the polyphenols, which are antioxidants and anti-inflammatories found in raspberries, strawberries, pomegranates, green tea, red grapes, and red wine. Other families of phytochemicals are carotenoids and retinoids, which are a great source of Vitamin A, fight cancer and heart disease, and defend against cellular aging. The Water Secret also recommends probiotics to enhance digestion and help your natural detoxification process run smoothly.

So how to we make sure that we eat enough polyphenols? Below are 21 easy ways to “eat your water”:

Eatyour water

As you can guess, it is very difficult to eat all of the essential micronutrients, even through a well-balanced diet. In order to reach 100% sufficiency, we would need to eat  27,000 calories of whole foods per day. That’s over double Michael Phelps’ daily caloric intake when he was training for the 2008 Olympics! The Water Secret, therefore, suggests taking the following seven supplements to “fill in the blanks”:

(1) Multivitamin;
(2) Fatty acid (omega-3) [make sure it contains alpha-lineleic acid (ALA), gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)– essential fatty acids with heaps of benefits such as producing energy and controlling stress];
(3) Lecithin;
(4) Glucosamine;
(5) B complex;
(6) Calcium with vitamin D; and
(7) Antioxidant supplement.

Do I own these seven supplements? Yes, I do. Do I remember to take them every day? No, I do not. Although I will tell you that I feel significantly better on the days (or days after) I take the appropriate supplements, I rarely remember to take these supplements every day.

Enter Shakeology®.[3] Shakeology® is not a protein shake; it’s your “daily dose of dense nutrition.”  I mean, check out this label and review the nutrition facts and superfood blend yourself.


Even better than not having to eat 27,000 calories a day is that Shakeology® is derrived from real foods and superfoods:



Shakeology® contains 74 ingredients, including the necessary phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and probiotics that the Water Secret deems essential to maintain healthy cells.

To break it down even more, one serving of Shakeology® contains the same nutritional value as:

3 cups of romaine lettuce
4 cups of raw mushrooms
1 shot of wheatgrass
1 bowl of exotic fruit
3 raw onions
7 raw carrots
4 cups of non-fat yogurt
4 cups of red radishes
4 cups of raw broccoli
1 cup of peas
10 cups of cauliflower

I dare you to find me a more nutritious meal for $4 a serving.

[1] The Water Secret contains a ton of tips and rules you can follow to enhance cell strength. This post focuses on “eating your water.”

[2] I am not suggesting that you drink all of your water.  Drinking water has many benefits, like flushing out toxins and relieving fatigue.

[3] There are quite a few meal-replacement shakes on the market. For instance, one of my sisters-in-law drinks Isagenix, and the other sister-in-law promotes Thrive (here is her website –  I joined Beachbody because I was interested in the “21 Day Fix” nutrition plan and the portion-control containers. I stayed a Beachbody member because I like having access to REALLY challenging 30 minute workouts and I love what Shakeology does for my body!

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